Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Truett Jackson Mullins

Oh! How I love your smile! You are our firstborn son, a bright smile comes over our face when we talk about you. We have lots of nicknames for you: Train, Jacksonator, Pirate Truett, Captain Truett, and brother.You are 3 years and 9 months. Our blond hair, blue-eyed boy. You love pirates, dinosaurs, swords (oh, do you love them), burying treasure, looking at pirate maps and finding "X" marks the spot, you LOVE being silly (especially around your friends), you are your brother's most avid protector and sometimes the biggest aggravation too!

You want to understand everything, and if you do not get it the first time you will keep saying "Huh?". You love to get "Sansitizer" from Jett's changing table, because you are so big. You have been going into a bathroom stall (anywhere we go) and use the bathroom with NO help, because you need your privacy. I think it's so cute that you say, "People can't come in here because I don't want them to see my privacy", You still call Wal-Mart, "Mal-Mart" most of the time, unless I make you say it slowly. You love to drink water, juice, and blue Powerade (and in that same order), your favorite foods would include: yogurt (which you can't eat much of due to your excema), cheese, popcorn, and cheese quesadilla and mexican or flavored rice. You like chicken nuggets and fries, grilled cheese, bacon, pistachios, peanuts and random snack food.

When your daddy teaches business classes you think he is at church, you call Sunday School, your school. You love bugs and anything that I would call "icky". Since our long trip to NC, you ask us every time we leave the house "Is this going to be a long trip?" or "How far is this trip?". When I told you that the Bible says "We should do all things without grumbling or complaining" you said in your best pirate voice "Well then, I'll have to chop of Jesus' head!", I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I wish I could remember all the things you say and I will have to remember those clever remarks you tell me. You love all my lady friends probably as much as their children or me!

I pray that you become a godly, well respected, well mannered, servant to others who loves the Lord, your wife, your children. It is a privilege and an honor to be your mother! I love you Truett Jackson Mullins!


Jeffrey Challie and Anabelle said...

This post was so sweet!! We love some Truett time, he's 1 adorable little pirate :)

Heather said...

I'm trying to remember these times that fly by so fast. Stay tuned for Jett's!