Monday, February 21, 2011

A little catch up!

Since December we celebrated Christmas, My 29th Birthday, Truett's 4th Birthday, and Mr. Larry's Birthday (my father-in-law). Jett had a minor surgery earlier this month (any surgery is major to mommy). He was a fabulous patient and had so much attention from his nurses. They were smitten (and who wouldn't be). They asked if he was always such a good baby, to which I humbly replied "Yes 'mam". He slept the whole way home and after the first 24 hours almost acted like nothing happened. The first 24 hours he spent most of the time with his "bankie" and in my lap.

On a sad note we had a recent death in our family. My Uncle John aka Big John passed away. We will celebrate his life today and I pray he is at rest with the one true Living God. I have so many sweet memories tucked away. He has to be the biggest guy I've ever known (at the smallest I remember: 6'4'' and about 400 lbs.) and the softest. He and my Aunt Sarah (my mom's sister) took me and my 4 other brothers and sisters to our very first theater movie and made root beer floats with us. They were the only ones my parents ever left us with other than grandparents. They became second parents to me and my siblings and we have many cherished memories because of him and my aunt. I will forever remember and love the sweet man that became my: Uncle John.

I will post some pictures soon, I hope. I have a ton I need to get off my memory card.

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Andie Zimmerman said...

Aw, so sweet. I'm really sorry about your loss. :(