Sunday, February 20, 2011

What can I say...

I'm a slacker. No, I've just been terribly busy. I have two weeks or less before my newest handsome fella arrives, and I just started getting things together. Just last weekend I washed up the littlest outfits I could find and made a "washing day" out of it.

This week my sweet mother-in-law bought me a mattress and bedding.

My dearest mom bought me the mattress pad cover, changing pad and changing pad cover, curtains and an organizer for the closet. I was overwhelmed until the items started coming in and Wayne and I put them together.

Now all I am waiting on is the mattress to come in. The crib was a sweet gift from a sweet friend (Brittany), I'm so thankful for God's provisions.

I'm glad I spent my Christmas/ Birthday money on the other things that were needed/wanted. The car seat we bought while I was pregnant with Truett had just about had it, the canopy was irreversibly broken and the seat had a few shabby looking holes.

Also, the big, bulky stroller that we bought just for the car seat has seen better days. I really wanted a double stroller and settled on one I think is just perfect (I've already used it 3 times).

The diaper bag was just a frivolous gift, I love the "bigness" of it and can fit all of my THREE kids things into it. I still carry a sippy cup or water bottle for Truett and Jett still needs diapers, wipes, and sippy cups. We have a emergency basket in our van for the "accidents" of life. We carry changes of clothes and extra things we might need on rare instances.

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Andie Zimmerman said...

How precious! I love all the stuff, especially the bedding and decor!!! I bet you're excited!