Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jett Benjamin Mullins

My precious and very active 1 year old. I can't believe how fast your first year flew by! Words cannot express the joy you've brought into our life. You have made Truett a brother and brought so much laughter to him. I know he adores you as much as you look up to him.

You weigh 24 lbs., inches, and have more energy than I thought was possible in a 12 month old. You love to climb and I call you my monkey. Daddy calls you "Dinky Dink" we also often call you "Jetter Beanie" a nickname from your daddy's childhood (He was called "Er Beanie" by Maw Maw). We love hearing you bark like a dog and make sounds like the fire truck. You try to say so many words, I think you are just on the verge of chatting my ear off.

You love to aggravate your brother in "sneaky" ways, like jabbering really loud while he is trying to talk or tell a story. You love being rough and love the game "King Rhinoceros", you will growl when Wayne is close to you and he will growl back; a game you two play!

You're wearing mostly 18 month clothes, some 12-18 months and some 18-24 months. Your feet are long and narrow. You can get off of our pretty high bed and work your way off the couch with your feet first. Not very cautious but a good risk taker. Sometimes you can be quite sneaky.

You love food, and will eat almost anything. Sometimes you will spit something out, but if I try again you almost always will eat the rest of whatever the food is. You drink formula before breakfast, dinner, and bed time. You eat just big boy food for lunch and soon you will for dinner. You love water in your "big boy" sippy cup (has a straw) and love almond milk.

Your dirty blond, wavy hair and beautiful blue eyes make everyone stop and admire "what a cute baby". I try not to show it, but I think you're quite handsome, myself. I love the way you put your head into mine and hold onto me.

You love music, dancing and singing. You love cars and anything on wheels. If something is not on wheels you will try to push it like it had them. You love dogs and firetruck sounds.

You have a favorite blanket and when you see it you will put your two middle fingers (usually on your left hand) and suck on it while you put the blanket in or by your mouth. You take 2 ( two hour) naps and sleep 12.5-13.5 hours at night. You don't miss a beat if you miss your first nap. You have a very calm nature (so far) and play so good by yourself that it worries me sometimes (not really).

I love how you try to sit in EVERYTHING! Anything that is small and has a hole you will try to sit in. You also try to "get" in your books. I found you pulling your "I love you through and through" book off your night stand, opening it up and sitting on the pages like you wanted to get in. You have recently enjoyed reading a quick book, usually when you take your night bottle (I guess it's the only time your still).

I can't wait to see what your personality develops into. I pray for you and your future. I pray that one day God calls you his son and that you marry God's chosen wife for you and together you both raise godly children. I pray God gives me more wisdom as you grow so that I might meet your needs and guide you to the one who will meet all our needs.

I love you my Jett Benjamin Mullins!

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