Saturday, December 18, 2010

Boundaries... with kids part 3

The Source

In the book, Boundaries for Kids, they outline how children are not born with any resources and must rely on us, their parents, for everything. We are the source of all good things, not only must they have their basic needs met: food, water, shelter, and clothes. They also need immaterial things such as: love, spiritual growth, wisdom, support and knowledge, all of which are out of reach.

Children need to learn how to receive and use responsibility that is given them and gradually take over the role of meeting their own needs. SO, our goal, as parents should be always moving from the source to giving them the resources and confidence they need to be the source and provider of those things mentioned in the above paragraph.

This was calling my name when I read the book: " If parents give without boundaries, children learn to feel entitled and become self-centered and demanding. Ungratefulness becomes a character pattern. If parents hold resources to tightly, children give up and do not develop the hope of reaching goals that have gratifying rewards.

I've been so thankful for this child-training tips and pray God will show me how to use the tips in our everyday life.


Sounds of The Rain said...

I must say, I would quite intrested in reading this. I know it is hard to raise children. When I Think of the Grief I Have Given my parents, WOW!

Cordially, TSP2

Charlotte said...

Hi. I saw your blog by coincidence, and I figured I'd just leave a little comment saying good luck with the kid :).

Best wishes, Charlotte.